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Your Community, Your Web Space!  It is the vision that the Ruardean Community Web will be a 'one stop shop' for our parish villages (Ruardean & Pludds) organisations, clubs, associations and "Whats On".  It can only be as good as the information you post - so let us know.  It is our community window to the world!

The www.ruardeancommunity.btck.co.uk  is the parent URL (web address).  But your may find the simpler www.ruardeanpludds.info  easier to remember and use.  Save it to your favourites now!

We look forward to receiving information that maybe posted onto the web site which is supported by BT under their supporting the community initiative.  We Need Your Input, we can only post information that we are told about - so if you are organising an event and want to send a 'shout out' to the world then let us know - ruardean.info@btinternet.com.  If you do not receive a reply within 72 hours please email Rick Seager (rickseager@btinternet.com) or telephone 01594 543217.   This website was last updated on 21 October 2013.

What's Going On?
  • Where is the rain... News from Crooked End Farm

    The amazingly mild weather is ensuring a good supply of leafy veggies, although we are having the keep an eye out for mildew.  I am hoping that the courgettes and mangetout will hang on for another week, but imported varieties of some vegetable varieties are starting to creep into the list.

    Our exciting news of the week was the arrival of our second calf of the year.  Calving this year has been very long and drawn out.  I am hoping that there are still another 3 to come, but only time will tell!

    Best wishes from us all - Brenda & Bruce


  • Village Quiz @ The Malt Shovel Inn

    The monthly quiz will take place on Thursday 24th October - Be there for 8pm!  A great evening of fun.  Your quiz master is James.

  • Got an event?

    Do you want to give your event or organisation a 'shout' on the village community website let us know!  Got a business you want to give a free SHOUT  - let us know and we will list it on our Businesses Page - all for FREE!

  • Community Pub Quiz - 26 September 2013

    There shall be a Community Pub Quiz on Thursday 26th September at The Malt Shovel Inn.  All the fun commences at 8pm.

Local Weather
What is the weather doing!

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