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Your Community, Your Web Space!  It is the vision that the Ruardean Community Web will be a 'one stop shop' for our parish villages (Ruardean & Pludds) organisations, clubs, associations and "Whats On".  It can only be as good as the information you post - so let us know.  It is our community window to the world!

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We look forward to receiving information that maybe posted onto the web site which is supported by BT under their supporting the community initiative.  We Need Your Input, we can only post information that we are told about - so if you are organising an event and want to send a 'shout out' to the world then let us know - ruardean.info@btinternet.com.  If you do not receive a reply within 72 hours please email Rick Seager (rickseager@btinternet.com) or telephone 01594 543217.   This website was last updated on 20 July 2014

What's Going On?
  • News from Crooked End Farm

    I hope that everyone is well. It looks like we're going to get a bit of a well needed drenching over the next couple of days. The ground certainly needs it, but of course our weekend does not!
    A relatively quiet week at Crooked End, with Ally and I finally starting to get on top of all that it takes to run it. Though, now that I've said that,
    I'm sure a few spanners will be thrown into the works to keep us on our toes.
    We had a successful trip to Ledbury for the poetry festival, with Ally's pulled pork selling out and a lot of interest in our salad which is always nice.
    If anyone has any specific meat orders, then please contact us by Sunday evening so that we can order anything in for you. We hate to disappoint and
    the longer time we have to source any meat, then the more confident we can be of fulfilling your orders.
    On the vegetable front a local grower has asked if we would be interested in some Kohlrabi. I have said yes as this is one of my favourite vegetables as
    it's essentially a ball of brassicary goodness. You can boil it up, steam it, or lightly fry with some garlic (Crooked End fresh garlic would of course be best!). My preference is the latter. Anyway, if there is an interest in trying out this vegetable the please let me know. The vegetable grower is at the other end Ruardean and I'm very keen on supporting such a close veg growing neighbour - in fact it will be their cucumbers and has been their spring onions that we have already been putting in your veg boxes.
    Also this week marks the beginning of British plums and not only British but also local as they're from Herefordshire. So why not add some lovely local
    fruit to your veg box?
    Finally, the time has come and Ally is starting to introduce some new offerings for freshly prepared and immediately frozen ready meals. Starting with an Indian feel, this week we'll be offering  matar paneer (tomato and indian cheese), an incredible mix of spices, textures and flavours, and then tapping into her Mediterranean roots, some lovely beef stew made with a Mediterranean tomato sauce.  Our portion size is generous so in each meal there'll be enough to feed at least 2 people.
    Hope to see you around.


  • Carnival 2014 News - Horlicks Comes Home!

    A Record breaking event will be held at Ruardean Carnival this year.  In association with Horlicks Ruardean Carnival are setting the World Record for drinking a pint of the famous drink mix that was invented by the Horlicks brothers of Ruardean The new event will be hosted by Ruardean Youth Club at the Carnival on  9th August 2014.  The new world record holder will be the person to drink a pint of Horlicks via a straw in the quickest time

    The idea was thought up by Ruardean resident and carnival committee member Simon Robertson ‘we look forward to the visitors and villagers rising to the Horlicks challenge’.  Applications can be requested either by visiting the carnival facebook page www.facebook.com/ruardeancarnival or from Ruardean Post Office / Ruardean Garage or entries will be taken on the day.

    Check out all the news on the run up to the Carnival on the carnival 2014 page.  Details of the Open Show have now been released.  Go to the Carnival Page to find out more information.

  • Got an event?

    Do you want to give your event or organisation a 'shout' on the village community website let us know!  Got a business you want to give a free SHOUT  - let us know and we will list it on our Businesses Page - all for FREE!

  • New War Memorial for the village

    The village has now got a new war memorial sited appropriately by the Memorial Village Hall.  It is intended that it will be dedicated in on Sunday 21st  September 2014 - More information to follow.  If you would like to contribute to its cost, you can donate to the memorial project through the village post office.

  • New Post Office & General Stores

    Have you visited the new Post Office & General Stores yet?  I am sure you know that we have a new post office and general stores but have you visited yet, the shop is looking great and will thrive with community support. Like all the village businesses it can only go from strength to strength with your continued support.

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