What is Freecycle?

Any good working item with a plug would be better off in use than in a landfill. From fridges to clothes, there are times when people decide they simply have no more use for an item. Understandable, but dumping an item when there others struggling to afford that same item is fundamentally wrong. A computer is a sought after freecycle item. While you might have the need for the latest and greatest, a child will flourish fine with word processing and internet capability to do his or her homework.

Furniture is a popular freecycle item. As our life changes so does the need for beds, dressers or tables. But just as your need is waining, rest assure that someone out there is considering buying that same item. Child-size furniture is probably the most evident in this cycle. Adding to furnitures' freecycle popularity is the potential for a cheap makeover. A light sanding and a £5 coat of varnish or paint and the piece fits into your decor so well that it looks like you shopped for months to find it!

Let us know if you have items to Freecycle and we will happily list them on the community site!


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