Ruardean & Pludds Parish Community Plan

 The Ruardean & Pludds Parish Community Plan is currently on hold because of possible confusion with 'Neighbourhood Planning'.  Please be patient.  If you are interested in becoming involved in forming the plan then let a member of the Parish Council know!

In working together to create a Parish Community Plan (PCP)
we as a thriving village communities of Ruardean and the Pludds will be able to identify what is important to us both in the present and the future as well as respecting the past.


The Parish Council will shortly be forming a PCP Steering Group to represent your views and incorporate change.  But your support will be required to ensure success, that success can only come about through your support.


Needless to say, if it is supported, volunteers are required in numerous roles.  Firstly, it is important that the Steering Group has volunteers that are not part of the Parish Council.  Secondly, volunteers will be required to distribute and collect questionaires. 

Simply without volunteers, the PCP will be arduous to deliver and it demands full engagement with the community.

Finally, anyone with specialist skills that may be of use would especially be welcomed.

Yes - I would like to find out more or volunteer - Please use the Contact us button or email:


This website is run voluntarily for the benefit of the community and to aid in the engagement and consultation of the proposed Parish Community Plan.  If you would like to volunteer to be part of the Steering Group of Volunteers or you are able to distribute/collect questionaires and other associated literature please let us know!  Are you a local business and struggling with a slow Broadband connection - then make it known by completing the online questionaire at:  Do you want faster Broadband in your household then complete the questionaire for householders at  If we do not complain about slow rural Broadband connections it will be accepted the we are content at being left behind.  Complete the on line questionaire today!  Help your community to move forward.

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