The Ruardean Parish Council is summoned to meet typically every 4th Tuesday of the month through out the year with the exception of August and December in the Village Hall at 7pm, unless directed otherwise.
 Ruardean Parish Council Documents
Standing Orders - These orders govern Parish Council Meetings.  Councillors and the Public must abide by them

- These list the topics for discussion.  Some are routine items such as planning and highways, others maybe in response to correspondence.

Standing Orders.DOC


 Minutes - These are the official record of discussions and decisions.  Minutes are not ratified by the Parish Council until the following meeting so they will also be a month behind.  If you wish to see earlier Minutes, these are available direct for the Clerk.  Please note there are no meetings in the months of August & December.
 Vacancies -  If there are any vacancies on the Parish Council we will advertise them here and also follow the correct procedure.  If there are no vacancies then from time to time there are specific community projects to become engaged in.  These will also be posted here.    There is a vacancy on Parish Council.  If interested please contact the Clerk

The Good Councillor's Guide - Interested in becoming a councillor?  Want to know more what the Parish Council does, or should do?  Or maybe an existing councillor looking to develop - then this guide is for you!    The_Good_Councillors_Guide.pdf

This website is run voluntarily for the benefit of the community and to aid in the engagement and consultation of the proposed Parish Community Plan.  If you would like to volunteer to be part of the Steering Group of Volunteers or you are able to distribute/collect questionaires and other associated literature please let us know!  Are you a local business and struggling with a slow Broadband connection - then make it known by completing the online questionaire at:  Do you want faster Broadband in your household then complete the questionaire for householders at  If we do not complain about slow rural Broadband connections it will be accepted the we are content at being left behind.  Complete the on line questionaire today!  Help your community to move forward.

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