Ruardean War Memorial Hall - Regular Users



Group                                  Day                                                     Time                     Contact              Telephone

A1 Dance School                Mondays (Term Time)                         3pm - 7.30pm        Miss Donovan    07769 309019

Ruardean Under Fives        Tuesdays & Thursdays (Term Time)  10am - 12 Noon     S Wilks                 01594 541267

Keep Fit Group                    Tuesdays                                            6pm - 7pm              N Watts             01594 543020

Friendly Circle                      Wednesdays                                      2pm - 4 pm             M Burford          01594 544788

Brownies                              Wednesdays (Term Time)                  5pm - 6.30pm         R Meek              07872 588655

Zumba Dance / Fitness        Wednesdays                                       7.30pm - 8.30pm   H Whitney           07703 459212

Youth Club                            Thursdays                                           7pm - 9 pm            L Robertson      01594 542413

Rainbows                               Fridays (Term Time)                          5.15pm - 6.15pm   S Wilks              01594 541267

Monthly Users

W.I                                        2nd Tuesday in the month                   7pm - 9.30pm            P. Evans      542475          

Hall Committee                     3rd Tuesday in the month                    7.30pm - 9pm            

Parish Council                      4th Tuesday in the month                    7.00pm (With exceptions)                 

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